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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 is the date of your exam! - Yay, we all failed!!

Who will be the first to insert a counter here to count down our days to the exam? Impress me.It is important that you become a member of this wiki, that you check it often, and that you follow all instructions carefully.


Here's some fun Animaniacs songs to help with geography palooza!!!

This bad boy is due on Monday, June 17. It only has to be 5-7 pages long. For those who have to "take" a final exam, this will count as that 5th marking period grade. For everyone else it is your choice: it can count as 2 test grades for the 4th mp or as the 5th mp grade. Get it to me earlier and you can choose after seeing your grade!!
Research Paper Topics and Procedures--what I gave you last year for the summer Since the paper length has been shortened you only need 3-5 sources.

CIVIL RIGHTS TAKE HOME TEST--I'll give you the scan-tron for this as well. It will be due on Friday, May 31

Packet of Maps for your Quizzes--they start on Thursday, May 23!! You have to know countries AND capitals unless otherwise instructed!!!!!!!!!

This is the map of the Middle East. We'll quiz on this (countries only) the same day as the Europe Quiz--Tues, June 11

These maps are of the US. This quiz will be on Friday, June 14. You have to know states and capitals on the political map. For the physical map you must know the following:
The Sierra Nevada, the Rockies, Appalachian Mtns, Cascade Range, Mississippi River, Rio Grande, Colorado River, Missouri River, Lake Mead, the Great Lakes, the Great Salt Lake, the Great Plains, and the following National Parks: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Death Valley, Shenandoah, the Everglades and the Great Smoky Mountains

Hey, Dempsey here. I found this list of States and Capitals. I know most of you probably already have study tools, but here's another resource: http://www.50states.com/tools/thelist.htm#.UbeiVZH4I3M

Answers to the newest test posted

Print out this test for Tuesday!!!

AP Achiever Test 1 ANSWERS

Arco Book Test 1 ANSWERS

Print both of the [[#|practice tests]] below and bring to class!!!

Print out this [[#|Practice Test]] and Bring to Class!!!!!

WWII DBQ p 540-544
Due Friday, March 9
It must be typed, double spaced, and no more than 2 pages long. Don't put a heading on the paper--use the full 2 pages.
If you need help, you need to see me NO LATER than Tuesday!

George Takei on Japanese Internment

14 Minute clip on the truth about Japanese Internment
After watching the propaganda film and the above clip on internment AND having read the documents and discussed them in class write a 1 page TYPED reflection addressing the following questions: Have your opinions on Internment changed? What did you learn? Could something like this happen today? Be specific and, as always do NOT use first person.

WWII Syllabus

interesting from Weird NJ

Bataan Death March

about D Day Invasion

This is your syllabus

IDK when the test will be due but it's not a bad idea to look it over, start working on it, ask me if you have any questions!
These docs are necessary for you to answer Qs 1-5 on [[#|the take]] home test.

The White House released a statement Friday that may outrage you - no Death Star! -MPA this is hilarious, saw this the other day!

David Pakman is a liberal talk show host who has been negotiating with the Westboro Baptist Church to try and keep them away from the Newtown funerals. For updates on those efforts and more, Click here!

Sign the Petition to revoke the Westboro Baptist Church's tax exempt status--if you want!

Michael Moore on the Westboro Baptist Church

There is also an 8 part documentary on the Church from the BBC--this is part one

You don't have to do it over break--this is what we'll start on when we get back, but if you're bored feel free to get ahead!

This project will not be due when we get back but if you want to get a jump start feel free. It's a 50 point project so put as much work/time into it as you think it deserves.

This test will be next Friday, December 21. Please note you DO NOT have to outline the chapter. There will be no Review Quiz this week.
Download and print out all of the following PDF files ASAP. Have them read and with you at all times for the next 2 weeks!

Read these 2 docs for the Progressive Era:

TEST on Tuesday, November 13!!!!!!!!!!!

Read this, if I'm giving you excerpts from documents from both sides of an argument what do you think I might eventually ask you to do with that?

These talk to you like you're in 3rd grade but they're SO good, chock full o' information about our imperialist past without being confusing!

Read this article. It's about how a businessman emailed his employees and told them that if Obama wins the election he's going to lay off many of his employees. How is this relevant to our discussion of the Gilded Age and Industrialization?

Read this article--the Supreme Court will be ruling on whether or not Affirmative Action is constitutional regarding college admissions!


For the assignment "The Philosophy of the Industrialists"--since some of the political cartoons are hard to make out, here they are:

Document D

Document F

Document G

Industrialization and Immigration Syllabus

National Debts by Country

Speaking of gov't corruption, look at what happened in Trenton TODAY!!! Just read, don't print out.

William Jennings Bryan's Cross of Gold Speech--print it out, read it, bring to class for Thursday 9/20