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images.jpeg This shows the constitutional convention in progress.
revolutionary_war.jpg This shows George Washington crossing the Delaware.
350px-Declaration_independence.jpg This shows the signing of the U.S. Constitution.
external image british-grenadier.jpg&sa=X&ei=Cc2iUPmQMoOy2wWM_4CQAw&ved=0CAkQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNHrGHKfh5nQQKYXHX3VklzElZTe0w

external image revolutionary-war-minutemen.jpg
This is the battle of Lexington. Shown in the foreground are the minutemen that ambushed the British.

external image yorktown.jpg
This is the battle of Yorktown

external image washingtonmorristown.jpg
This is a [[#|painting]] of Washington at his winter post in Morristown, NJ

external image th?id=I.5023291429160565&pid=15.1
This is a painting that depicts the Battle of Bunker Hill
School House Rock "Shot Heard Round the World" video

gen. warren- bunker hill.jpg
The Death of General Warren at Bunker Hill, by John TrumbullTrenton_Surrender.jpg
Capture of the Hessians at the Battle of Trenton, by John Trumbull
surrender lord cornwallis.jpg
Surrender of Lord Cornwallis, by John Trumbull

This is an image of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
This is of Paul Revere's ride.
This here is the first American flag, stars and stripes, being made.

external image 016664.jpg
external image the-path-towards-american-independence0.gif
external image maplexconcordbattles.jpg
external image dgtpag.jpg
external image T_M07_RevCP300g15.gif

american-rattlesnake.jpgThis image depicts the "American Rattle Snake" as viewed by the British and loyalists.

join or die.jpgThis political cartoon was created by Ben Franklin and published in the Pennsylvania Gazette, and quickly became a symbol of freedom during the war.

american rev.jpgThis political cartoon shows a well-known member of Parliament aiming his gun at an America, who to say he would not be robbed by their taxes.

paul revere bloody massacre.jpgThis political cartoon was made by Paul Revere, and is still the infamous sketch of the shots that shook our nation from North to South (Boston Massacre), and encouraged American nationalism to defeat the British.
this video shows John Adams in the Continental Congress trying to convince the other delegates to fight for independence


Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rogers was a hero of the French and Indian War who won several famous battles against French forces with his elite unit known as "Rogers' Rangers." However, when the Revolution arrived General George Washington denied him entry into the Continental Army for fear he was a British spy. An infuriated Rogers turned to the British, and to this day both the [[#|United States Army]] Rangers and an elite Canadian regiment can trace their roots back to Rogers.

external image Jones.jpg
Captain John Paul Jones was one of the first ship captains in the revolutionary United States Navy. While in command of the ships Bonhomme Richard and Ranger, Jones scored several great successes against British naval and merchant shipping. He is not to be confused Led Zeppelin's bassist of the same name.

external image map-05.gif
The Battle of Cowpens was a decisive victory for the Continental Army, fictionalized in the climactic scene of Mel Gibson's The Patriot.

Give me liberty or give me death!
-Patrick Henry

external image 3b50326r.jpg
external image constitution.jpg
The Constitution
external image independence-hall-n-l.jpg
Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Ships in the war
Preparations for war

African American men in the war
Thomas Paine's Common Sense

external image American_Revolution_Campaigns_1775_to_1781.jpg
This cartoon shows that the Articles of Confederation were an unsuccessful, and as illustrated, broken, crutch for resolving the problems of the struggling and chaotic new nation.

external image tar_and_feather.jpg

external image bmassacregp.jpgThis is Paul Revere's false depiction of the "Boston Massacre" to make Britain look like the bad guy.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRZtVHZMboeaF8pycGWJmeaObwDQWbN1MYhWosCFk0AH_bKu-C1This is Crispus Attacks the first victim in the Boston Massacre.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQZWjopeU0KdeRlaJmtH0r5_e-V_KPI_kRWuDk_fRnfh1T5sK3JThis is a Revolutionary War map.

Great video that illustrates many important figures and events during the American Revolution.
external image 02-big.jpg

Political cartoon representing the American fight for freedom against the oppression of Great Britain under King George III.

external image yorktown.jpg
Battle of Yorktown.