Bella Lusardi: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison
Alex Zielenski: Henry Knox, John Adams, Gourvernor Morris
Eric Reinhard: Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Randolph, John Dickinson

"Citizen" Edmound Genet:
-French Ambassador to the United States
-Objected Washington's policy, breaking all of the rules of diplomacy by appealing directly to the American people to support the French cause
-Jefferson approved of Washington's request to remove teh offending diplomat
-He chose to remain in the US where he married and became a US citizen
external image 220px-Edmond-Charles_Gen%C3%AAt.png

Thomas Pickney:
-Early American statesmen, diplomat, and veteran of both the American Revolutionary War and the War of 1812
-36th Governor of Sorth Carolina
-US minister to Spain
-Negotiated The Pickney Treaty(1795)
-Spain agreed to open the lower MIssissippiRiver and New Orleans to American trade
external image tpinckney.jpg

George Washington:
  • Presided over constitutional convention
  • 1st President
  • served for 2 terms
  • Hosted Mt Vernon conference
  • agreed problems were serious enough with the Articles to prompt further discussions at later meetings
  • Farewell Address said
    • don't get involved in European affairs (Isolationism)
    • the US shouldn't make "permanent alliances" in foreign affairs
    • don't form political parties and to avoid sectionalism
external image 220px-Gilbert_Stuart_Williamstown_Portrait_of_George_Washington.jpg

Gouverneur Morris
  • Delegate representing Philadelphia at the Constitutional Congress
  • Credited for writing the preamble
  • Author of large sections
  • Proposed the idea of being a citizen in a union of states rather than an individual state

John Adams
  • Second President of the US
  • First VP of the US
  • Helped to draft the Declaration of Independence
  • Delegate for Massachusetts in the Constitutional Congress
  • Signed the Alien and Sedition Acts

Henry Knox
  • First US Secretary of War
  • Fought at Bunker Hill
  • Befriended Washington and rose the rangs
  • Key commander in Revolutionary War

Thomas Jefferson
  • an American founding father
  • penned the Declaration of Independence
  • third president of the US
  • very agricultural-minded, advocate for working people

Edmund Randolph
  • 7th governor of Virginia
  • second secretary of state
  • first United States Attorney General
  • one of Virginia's delegates in the Continental Congress

John Dickinson
  • American lawyer and politician from Philadelphia
  • Continental Congressman from from Pennsylvania and Delaware
  • known as the "Penman of the Revolution"
  • Wrote "Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania

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