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This image depicts George Washington inspecting his troops before going to confront the rebels of the Whiskey Rebellion.
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The Constitutional Convention for Dummies
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the Annapolis convention
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XYZ affair

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

3-5ths.pngCartoon showing the hypocrisy of the 3/5 Compromise
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The Constitution of the United States of America Posters
The Constitution of the United States of America Posters

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3/5's compromise
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Checks and balances
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external image 14.jpg whiskey rebellion

external image 45605497.jpg alien and sedition acts
This is an illustration of Washington and his 15,000 troops responding to the Whiskey Rebellion. This was a crucial event because it showed that Washington would not tolerate people challenging the government's power to tax.
external image article.jpgproclamation of neutrality

Ratification by state
Government by branch
Checks and Balances
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Bill of Rights.jpg

This is a chart about the ratification of the Constitution.

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This is a collectin of the works of James Madison, including his journal he kept during the Constitutional Convention.

independence hall.jpg
This is Independence Hall.
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Perhaps the most famous painting of the Constitutional Convention, by Howard Chandler Christy.

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President Washington inspects his troops before setting out to crush the Whiskey Rebellion.

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The United States at the time of the Articles of Confederation government.