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Battle at Lake Champlain

Judicial Review

Andrew Jackson

Schoolhouse Rock- Elbow Room
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Napoleon Bonaparte
Sacajawea helping to guide Louis and Clarke
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Map of Lewis and Clark Journey 1804.jpg
Map of Lewis and Clark's journey

AJ.jpgAndrew Jackson leading the Battle or New Orleans

clay.jpgHenry Clay, war-hawk leader

hardtford convention.jpgHart

ford Convention Cartoon
A political cartoon of the Embargo Act is shown above

external image mad+tom+in+a+rage+-+thomas+jefferson+-+with+the+devil,+1801+federalist+political+cartoon+-++%257Etj2.jpgJefferson and the Devil, political cartoon

1804 cartoon of Jefferson as the "Philosophic Cock"
1804 cartoon of Jefferson as the "Philosophic Cock"

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The Battle of the Thames River depicting the death of Tecumseh

Andrew Jackson honored in New Orleans. He led the most decisive and lopsided victory in American History and yet it was after the war was over.

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Age of Jefferson Power point(helpful)

Age of Jefferson WS

Article on Barbary Wars

Overview of Jeffersonian Democracy

Schoolhouse Rock: Elbow Room. Has sections detailing the Louisiana Purchase

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United States Marines, led by Navy Captain Stephen Decatur, assault the Barbary Pirates' fort at Tripoli. This battle marked the first time the Marines raised the Stars and Stripes on foreign soil.

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Bronze statues at Fort Atkinson, Nebraska, depicting Lewis and Clark's first meeting with Native Americans on their expedition.

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A monument in memory of the Marbury vs Madison

external image William-Henry-Harrison-500x600.jpg
William Henry Harrison used the popular solgan "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" to help
him become the ninth President of the United States.
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USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)
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external image Battle%20of%20Tippecanoe,%20Kurz%20and%20Allison,%201889-500.jpg
Battle of Tippecanoe
Chief Justice from 1801-1835, John Marshall, set the precedent and the obligation of the judicial branch to exercise judicial review.

The British Navy impressing American sailors.

The Battle of Lake Erie, led by American Captain Oliver Perry.
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A broadside calling on Americans to vote against the "Embargo-Government" of Jefferson and Madison, ca. 1808. (Gilder Lehrman Collection)
A broadside calling on Americans to vote against the "Embargo-Government" of Jefferson and Madison, ca. 1808. (Gilder Lehrman Collection)

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external image map?id=mh00134&pid=gomap of the war of 1812
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political cartoon of the war of 1812

Map of the Barbary Coast

Old Ironsides Poem

250px-Napoleon's_exile_to_Elba3.jpg Political cartoon of Napoleon Bonaparte being exiled to Elba
chespeake leopard.jpg
Fall of washington.jpg
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Jefferson's Tombstone- Omits the fact that he was President
external image barbary_map.jpg
The stronghold of the Barbary Pirates

external image Valcour_scribners.jpgBattle of lake champlain
external image 54cover.jpgHorseshoe bend
external image ELT200708310151162968333.JPGbattle of horseshoe bend

Salmon.jpglewis and clark journal entry

external image jefferson-ograbme.jpg
Political cartoon against the Embargo Act of 1807.

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Illustration portraying Jefferson as "divine."

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Lewis and Clark expedition.