Alex Zieenski: John Jay, William Dawes, Paul Revere
Kathy Crawford: John Peter Zenger, Andrew Hamilton
Eric Reinhard: Benjamin Franklin, James Oglethorpe, John Bartram
Shannon Zensen: Thomas Hooker, Roger Williams, John Winthrop
Sarah Gorrell: Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson, Joseph Galloway

George Washington
  • One of the founding fathers
  • Presided over the Constitutional Convention
  • Was not a member of the Federalist party, but supported many of their programs
  • Became first President
  • Served as the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army

John Peter Zenger
  • Newspaper printer
  • Involved in a celebrated legal case (1734-1735)
  • His newspaper had attacked a corrupt royal governor, so he was charged with “seditious libel”
  • He was hauled into court and defended by Andrew Hamilton
  • Hamilton said, “the very liberty of both exposing and opposing arbitrary power [was at stake]”
  • He won the court case- big achievement for freedom of the press and democracy
  • In time, this case helped establish the doctrine that true statements about public officials couldn't be prosecuted as libel (attacking of somebody’s reputation)

Andrew Hamilton
  • Lawyer to John Peter Zenger in 1735
  • Did the Zenger case Pro bono (without pay, for the public good).
  • Former indentured servant
  • Now distinguished Philadelphia lawyer
  • Eloquently defended Zenger and got him acquitted from his crime (see John Peter Zenger sketch)
  • 18th Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
andrew hamilton.jpg


Benjamin Franklin

  • Born in January of 1706, Franklin was a Founding Father of the U.S.
  • He was an important inventor, politician, and scientist among other things
  • Franklin invented the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove
  • He ran away from home to Philadelphia at 17. There, he worked in several printer's shops, and eventually started his own newspaper.
  • Became very wealthy through publishing Poor Richard's Almanack and The Pennsylvania Gazette
  • Played a major role in the establishment of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Known for revolutionary ideas, became famous for spearheading the effort to have Parliament repeal the Stamp Act
  • Served as governor of Pennsylvania from 1785-1788
  • American ambassador to France, was widely admired by them
  • Towards the end of his life, Franklin freed many slaves and became a prominent Abolitionist

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James Oglethorpe

  • Born in 1714, Oglethorpe was a British General, member of Parliament, and the founder of the Georgia colony
  • He hoped to resettle Britain's poor in the New World, especially debtors
  • Oglethorpe was the head of many successful raids on the Spanish in neighboring Florida, and also successfully defended Georgia from the Spaniards
  • Was rumored to be sympathetic to American Revolution

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John Bartram
  • Born in 1699 in Pennsylvania, was an early American botanist and explorer
  • "father of American Botany"
  • He was born into a Quaker family and was an uneducated farmer
  • He developed an interest in plants and opened a farm dedicated to plants he found interesting
  • Bartram came into contact with several European botanists interested in North American plants, and soon had a thriving business
  • Sent many North American plant species to Europe, was the first to do this
  • Traveled much of the U.S. looking for new plant species

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Thomas Hooker:
  • July 5, 1586 – July 7, 1647
  • Puritan colonial leader
  • founded colony of Connecticut/Hartford after leaving Massachusetts
  • known for being a leader and speaker for Christian suffrage
  • "Fundamental Orders of Connecticut" (first written constitution)

Roger Williams
  • English protestant and theologian
  • believed in religious freedom and separation of church and state
  • Providence Plantation:refuge for religious minorities
  • established Rhode Island

John Winthrop
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • served as a governor for 12 years for Massachusetts
  • English puritan and lawyer
  • A Modell of Christian Charity ("city upon a hill")

John Adams:
-2nd president
-attended 2nd Continental Congress
-lawyer who defended a British soldiers who were accused of murdering Crispus Atticus in the Boston Massacre
-signed Dec. of Independance
-helped write the peace treaty after the war
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Samuel Adams:
-started a protest against teh stamp act
-helped stop the stamp act
-helped plan Boston Tea Party
-signed Dec. of Independance
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John Dickinson:
-highly successful lawyer
-Delegate to the 1st Continental Congress
-published Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania
-did not sign Dec. of Independance
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Paul Revere
-Patriot in American Revolution
-most known for warning the Colonial militia of approaching British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord
-helped organize intelligence and alarm system to watch for British forces
-served as Massachusetts militia officer
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Thomas Jefferson
- American founding father
- third president of the united states
- author of Declaration of Independence
- supporter of Democratic-Republican party
external image 220px-Thomas_Jefferson_by_Rembrandt_Peale,_1800.jpg

Joseph Galloway
- American politician, loyalist during the American Revolution
- served as delegate to the First Continental Congress from Pennsylvania
- as delegate, was a moderate and proposed a Plan of Union, avoided an independence from Britain
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John Jay
  • Served as First Chief Justice of the United States
  • Leader of the Federalist Party
  • Ambassador to France and Spain
  • Helped negotiate the Jay Treaty which resolved issues remaining from the American Revolution

William Dawes
  • One of a few men and women who alerted minutemen of the British invasion before Lexington & Concord
  • Rode from Boston to Lexington
  • Shadowed by Paul Revere

Paul Revere
  • Another midnight Rider
  • Shadowed his other peers in the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride”
  • Served as a courier for Boston Committee of Public Safety
  • Participated in Boston Tea Party
  • Rode from Boston to Concord