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After the initial years of exploring the mysterious New World, the powers in Europe finally decided to make their settlements permanent in the early 17th century. Starting with a boatload of misguided, bedraggled prospectors at Jamestown, the population of the New World quickly exploded. Settlements of all types popped up, from massive, cosmopolitan seaports to quiet little Puritan farming towns. Borders changed with the tides at first, but by the early 18th century the boundaries of the new world were pretty much set. New Amsterdam, possibly the greatest ripoff in history, was surrendered without a shot and became New York. William Penn's near-utopic land of brotherly love became soiled with British law. The massive empire of the British Isles owned a set of thirteen seaboaring colonies, full of dynamic economies and innovative, resourceful people.

Life in these colonies was diverse and difficult. The original Native American inhabitants were forcibly and brutally removed from commercially viable land, prompting retaliatory raids throughout the colonies. Religious strife sewed seeds of discord throughout the land. Oppressive summers and harsh winters played hell with the crops, causing frequent food shortages. Nevertheless, the colonists persevered and a new culture was born, a culture that would soon seek to become its own nation. -MPA

Hetalia: Axis Powers- Discovering America (Skip to 0:30)

Hetalia: Axis Powers- Discovering America Part 2

Colonies part of History channel's America: The Story of Us

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England declares which colonial lands belong to which country
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Population in The 13 Colonies, 1775

Video on John Rolfe and Tobacco in Colonies

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Cost of Wheat in the UK and America=
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King George and The Colonial Rebels

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The British Empire at its Height, Including the American Colonies.
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The Triangular Trade Route Between Britain, Africa, and the American Colonies.
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European colonization of the Americas, 1750
European colonization of the Americas, 1750

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Exported Materials from the American Colonies.

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This is a political cartoon by Ben Franklin, which asks the colonies to join together in the French and Indian War.

A political cartoon sarcastically suggesting what the King may have said in response to the colonists' argument for no taxation without representation. (It wasn't drawn then, but it is still applicable).


This a Great Awakening cartoon political cartoon that is depicting corruption of British Parliament as a member of Parliament is accepting a bribe for the insurance of his vote.

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