INTRODUCTION: As the Eighteenth century dragged bloodily onward, the British colonies of North America were thriving. Trade blossomed in coastal port cities and along rivers, fur trappers and adventurers probed the unknown frontier to the west and the population count exploded. Unfortunately, this came as a risk. In 1754, the ongoing Seven Years' War rolled its way to the sores of the New World. On May 28th, 1754, a young British Colonel named George Washington ambushed a French force at Jumonville Glen. What followed was a bitterly contested war that saw the British gain significant land in North America and effectively ended French colonial influence there for the foreseeable future. The victorious British found themselves in debt and decided that the colonies would pay their fair share to help settle it.Several unpopular acts were passed, and a heavy British military presence remained. Protests by the colonists fell on deaf ears. Relations began degrading and degrading until one thing was clear: the road to revolution was clearly paved.

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