1996 Exam--look this over to see how the exam looks AND answer the multiple choice questions

Sparknotes--review and quizzes!

AP Study Notes--reviews and quizzes AGAIN!

4Tests.com--free practice tests

A Real AP Exam--the multiple choice section with answers

Lots of Review Materials and links to other Quizzes

AP Review Videos - scroll down to find AP US history chapter review videos!

Crash Course US History - Since this series is fairly new, the videos only go up to slavery, but this video series is great if you need a review on certain areas of early American history, such as the Revolution, the Puritans and Pilgrims, the War of 1812, etc.

Print out and use this checklist for your peer evaluations of the Cold War DBQs

Hi, Marina here. I'm inserting a link to some crash course videos on US History. Unfortunately there's not a ton, but they might help for a quick brush up on earlier US History. Maybe try them if the thought of opening your textbook makes you want to cry.

This goes into much more detail for you and gives you a lot of strategies for how to tackle the tough multiple choice Qs

answers by chapter to the AMSCO Review Book

Crazy Cat Lady--your BFF for resources, practice quizzes, etc

AP Study Notes--practice quizzes too!

Mr. Burnett's study page--study guides, quizzes, outlines, etc

My Max Score--sample multiple choice Q test with answers

AP Practice Exams for all Exams

This is what we went over in class, HOW TO WRITE